[STEPS Evo] Overture Sneek Peak

Cubizone is bringing back the glory of rhythm casual games in the newest expansion of STEPS Evolution. The Overture!

Claimed to be one of the most ambitious update of the game for 2011. Overture boast the most sought feature from Perfect World’s one and only casual developed game.

From the word itself “Overture” means the dramatic instrumental entrance.  Overture mode is definitely the gateway  to the rhythmic experience that our players is seeking.

Added features:

Fantasy Manor

Opening of the Level 3 Home in the Private Space system

Phoenix Pet Transformation System

Available in 4 Types. Evil, Fire, Ice and Thunder.

Sports Cars

Sports car available in 4 color.

Wings of God

Showcasing 4 different wings when flying.

Zodiac Costumes

Zodiac themed costume set will be available in STEPS.

2 New waiting room

Japanese Garden and Princess’ Room.

Coming soon in Hippie Server.

To know more about STEPS Evolution:

Register Here: http://www.cubizone.ph/v2/index.php?in=register

Official Websitehttp://steps.cubizone.com

Official PH Players Fan Pagehttp://www.facebook.com/StepsPH

Downloadthe client herehttp://www.cubiclub.ph/news/announcements/331-steps-evolution-download-guide

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