Twilight Saga – Breaking Dawn

After the “Twilight Saga – Eclipse” last June 30, 2010 that tackles all about love triangle story of Isabella Marie Swan (Kristen Stewart) -swinger girl, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen (Robert Pattinson) – the ever shining vampire, and Jacob “Jake” Black (Taylor Lautner) – the shirtless heartthrob,  here comes now the 4th film “Twilight Saga – The Breaking Dawn ~Part1~

As they were engaged on the 3rd  film Eclipse, they will now take their vows in this much awaited 4th film Breaking Dawn showing this November 18 2011.

It makes me wonder what happen to Jacob after receiving the wedding invitation. What’s all about his rage scenes running furiously after he had received the letter? Well, well I don’t know, but it resulted nothing as the ceremony continues.

After the nuptial, the newly wed went for their honeymoon on Isle Esme and as a result, Bella got pregnant. The name of their child is Renesmee Cullen.

This gonna be  exciting that this would be the start of their forever “that will change everything!”. No more Jacob who tries to get himself in on every moment Edward is not around. >.<  Sorry for the team-Jacob!

After the teaser trailer came out on public, and I’ve watched it on Youtube, I totally feel trembled. Yes! Here comes the twilight-fever again!!!hahaha. Probably twilight haters and people who got bored for vampire stories will also came out to disagree and ditch out. Haters gonna keep on hating.. 😛

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