Managing Oneself

Important Pointers of Learning

  1. To be able to know your values

    Where in one must be able to know what are acceptable values he/she should exhibit. Managing oneself requires nurturing oneself. Acting on a proper way and effectively.

  1. To be able to distinguish your strengths

    Where in you should be able to identify your difference to others. You are a unique person who possess distinct asset that will be advantageous for you.

  1. To be able to know how to learn and how to get things done

    Performing ways unlikely with others, because everyone has an alternative ways on how to get things done by believing himself he’s right and others would think it is not and vice versa. Effectiveness is still important on your performance.

  1. To be able to identify where you belong

    Knowing where do you specifically belong to makes you adapt on your working environment. Transformation of oneself can be resulted to a good performance.

  1. To be able to know what to contribute

    Doing great things in your own way make you exceptional and remarkable. It is not being a loner or isolating yourself to others, but it is a matter of how you do things on your own little way to help produce a better result makes a difference.

    You are in control of yourself. You are the one who decide for yourself, so everyone should know how to manage oneself. It takes courage to exactly understand on how to manage oneself accordingly to what do others think of it. We don’t really know if it is acceptable, bearable or inappropriate. We should understand that each individual has distinct ways on how he performs, has different norms and values and weird behavior. Yes, we are totally not alike to others but being indifferent will might resulted to an impressive outcome. We all know that unable to manage oneself would probably mean failure.

    To become effective you should make a systematic approach for yourself to achieve your set goals. You must set-up or identify those areas you yourself know you are not performing well. Learn to evaluate things you do, make an analysis for yourself and conclude what are the problems that you cannot administer or those were unattainable. Help yourself to overcome these hindrances that comes on your way to achieve success. It is not necessary to completely change the way who you are, the way you perform and the way to interact, it is merely about improving your set standards to achieve success.

    Learn not to give-up on unexpected circumstances. You should be certain on what you are doing. It is important to impose self-discipline in such a way you can persist on any stress that comes on your way. Very important factor you should know how to handle properly is your time, energy, and attitude.

    Therefore managing oneself is not just important, but it is necessary for you to have a better life.

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