City Life vs. Rural Life

It doesn’t matter where you came from, in city or in rural, what is important is the general quality of one’s life.

Let us define what quality life is. Having a quality life includes not only wealth and employment, but also its environment, physical and mental health, education, recreation and leisure time, and social belonging. It really depends on a person’s point of view whether he/she is contented having all of these or just by having at least some, not all, of these given aspects.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of living in cities? How about living in rural areas, are there distinctiveness in such ways of living than living in the city?

Improvisation of locale can boost employment rate and gives other economic benefits. In some ways, people would tend to agree for this because of its positive effects. On the other hand, this also brought negative effects in the environment and also in humans with regards to wellness and in health. In rural areas, even though we seldom observe civilization and development, it preserves the environment.

Mode of transport are available everywhere in the cities, unlike in rural areas, you really need to take a very long walk just to get on the bus terminals or major transport companies. Due to easy access in transportation in cities, traffic jams are always present. It is one of the major dilemma in cities because all transport vehicles are piled-up on every high-ways. It causes not only stress to people hurrying-up to go to their respective work during rush hours, but also this is one of the two main sources of pollutants. Conversely, in rural areas, you rarely see vehicles on streets especially on late night and people experience less air pollution.

Universities, privates schools and even over-populated public schools in the cities out-numbered the schools in provinces. When it comes to students, students in cities, they are likely to be diverse and more sociable. Most people claim that the level of quality education in cities is higher compared to the quality of education in rural areas in terms of teachers, community and environment.

Other favorable factor that a city can offer, convenient markets and stores are available all over the places. Basic necessities of people are attainable anytime and everywhere. In provinces, they would even allot time to make a list or take down all their important needs that will last up to a week or even a month before going to the market so that they can save time, money and effort.

When it comes to entertainment, cities have lots of variety of enjoyment. Cinemas are there for movie-lovers, wide fields/sports arena for some manly sports, bars to hop-on and to unwind, gaming lounges for game enthusiasts and etc.. In rural places, recreation and leisure are limited.

Human labor is big deal with people in rural areas because it is their source of living. Their basic jobs are farming, gardening, carpentry etc.. Unlike in cities, it is not. Human labor is less important. Industries are equipped by machinery. Lots of workloads are done by computers, supercomputers and other modern facilities. Though there’s a less need in human labor, opportunities in urban areas are higher than of in provinces.

Generally, people tend to choose to live in cites rather than living in rural areas that they believed that it is more convenient to live in cities. People who have had experience to live on both will definitely have a second thought or even be doubtful which is better. Each offers unique factors that are considerable. Though there are lots of differences among city life and rural life, it is not where one lives, but how one lives.

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